Buy Antminer V9 4T - A Cheap, Reliable and Powerful ASIC miner for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash!

The Antminer V9 4T is the newest addition to the Antminer Family by Bitmain. The Antminer V9 4T is also very cheap compared to all other ASIC miners. It mines Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BTC/BCH) at 4 TH/s and runs at around 1000 watts. If you have cheap power available and a low budget, the Antminer V9 4T is a great ASIC miner to buy. On this website we'll help you buy Antminer V9 4T, learn how to use the Antminer V9 and understand the best Bitcoin Pools for your Antminer and cover the profitability of the Antminer V9.

Bitmain just announced it's Antminer V9 4T miner - This miner is priced significantly cheaper than all other miners available right now that mine Bitcoin. It mines a little less than half of what the Antminer S9 and T9 miners mine at, however, at 4.0 TH/s with such a cheap price (Under $500-1000 Online) it's not a bad deal at all - especially for brand new hardware. You can mine Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin itself with this miner that employs the SHA-256 mining algorithm used by both BTC and BCH.

The 4TH/S Antminer V9 4T can mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash at 4.0 TH/S which equates to around $1000-2000/year in revenue. Some Antminer V9 units however can be purchased from $500-$1000 on eBay and Amazon and even only $350 from Bitmain, making it a very affordable Antminer with lower profitability than others.

This site will help you learn anything about the Antminer V9 4T, how to buy antminer V9-4T and how to operate it's mining operation. Below you'll find a helpful video about profitability of the Antminer V9

Before you buy or start mining with your new Antminer V9, it's important to ensure you have active CoinBase & Binanace accounts!

Exchanges for Bitcoin around the world have halted business, but several reputable ones have been strong and solid - If you Don't have Binance and Coinbase accounts, it's a very good idea to ensure you have accounts that are active. Many Exchanges are even limiting new user accounts and you don't want to be the one that has to wait to convert your mined Bitcoin into cash if you ever want to run the future - get accounts on Binance and Coinbase while you can now is our advice!

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Antminer V9 - Help Center & FAQs

How to buy Antminer V9?

Learn about the best verified sources to buy the Antminer V9 without getting scammed or ripped off – We’ve been a victim of scams ourselves and will show you how and when to buy the Antminer V9

What is the profitability of the Antminer V9?

Profitability of the Antminer V9 can vary from $1000-$2000 dollars per year depending on your mining fees, energy consumption and the competition and difficulty for the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Pool. Learn more here!

How to start mining Bitcoin?

Interested in mining Bitcoin? We’ve got all the perfect answers to help you start mining your Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash today!  First, you’ll need a Miner, You can purchase an Antminer V9 to get started mining Bitcoin!

What Is The Best Bitcoin Mining Pool

Choosing the right Bitcoin mining pools is one important thing you want to finalize before you begin Mining Bitcoin. We’ll review the pros and cons of the top 4 Bitcoin mining pools available right now!

How to exchange my (BTC) Bitcoin to Bitcoin?

You can exchange your Bitcoin for other digital currencies by simply exchanging it on one of the most popular exchanges. Make sure you have a Binance account as they will trade Bitcoin in the next coming months! Learn more about exchanging Bitcoin here.

How to convert my Bitcoin into USD or other currencies?

If you’re wanting to convert you Bitcoin back into USD, or into Bitcoin or other digital currencies, you’ll need to first find an exchange that trades Bitcoin, We prefer waiting to have an account on Binance. Then you can trade your Bitcoin into USD via Coinbase. Learn more here

What is the best Bitcoin Exchange?

You’ll need a reputable Bitcoin exchange to start mining Bitcoin and we’ve reviewed several Bitcoin exchanges to uncover the very best option. The newest exchange to feature Bitcoin will soon be Binance. Learn more about the best Bitcoin exchanges here.

How to setup Antminer V9?

Learn about how to setup your Antminer V9 device. Learn about how to power the 11 PCIE connections and much more here. Don’t forget anything important or you could end up breaking your newly purchased Antminer V9!

How to set up my wallet with Antminer V9?

Before you begin mining Bitcoin with the Antminer V9, you’ll want to ensure you have a proper wallet setup to accept the incoming Bitcoin which you’ve successfully mined. Learn more about how to get a Bitcoin wallet and connect to Antminer V9.

Bitcoin (BTC COIN) Price Prediction

Price is a huge factor in the Antminer V9 profitability, In this section, we’ll attempt to give our reasoning on why Bitcoin could be the next largest investment opportunity in crypto. Learn more about our Bitcoin price prediction!